Episode 6: Foundations for a Path Forward

History describes the past, informs the present, and shapes the future. In this final episode, we focus on the impact of GIRES, its future, and the future of trans activism more broadly.

Hope and optimism, fear and pessimism punctuate the interviews, sometimes in the same breath. Contributors reflected on GIRES’ history through the lens of the present, with the current backlash against trans rights in the UK and elsewhere influencing how individuals told their stories. Reflections were also mediated by another factor: the change in GIRES itself as Terry’s passing and Bernard’s decreased involvement redefine GIRES as a charity.

These intersections of key moments of change mark the A Legacy of Kindness project as an account of progress, and, perhaps, a manifesto for the future.

Episode 6: Foundations for a Path Forward. Read the Transcript

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