Episode 3: Education for Action

As suggested in the charity’s name, education has remained a key component of GIRES’ work, from employer training to health advocacy to research funding. This episode, ‘Education for Action’, explores this educational work done by GIRES.

Catering for an increasingly online world, the charity created numerous e-learning resources. In 2010 TranzWiki was set up, creating a directory of trans and gender diverse groups throughout the UK. GIRES also worked with the Tavistock and Portman clinics, and in 2004 was asked to organise an international symposium on hormone treatments for young people, funded by the Nuffield Foundation. Whether in the children’s books produced on trans identity, or the Legacy of Kindness project itself, education remained a central principle of the charity’s work, as it does today.

Episode 3: Education for Action. Read the Transcript

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